“Our children come to us with a deep desire to be seen, find their greatest gifts, and be in their authentic power. When we get out of the way, they have no choice but to find their way. As a parent your greatest gift is allowing the presence of unconditional love to reveal itself through you.”
Annmarie Chereso

About BringIt! Home

Founded by Annmarie Chereso in 2015, BringIt! Home offers programs to increase wellbeing and promote conscious leadership in our homes and school communities.

We support educators, parents and students to listen deeply to themselves to reduce stress and increase academic success. Based on a rich inner understanding, and with our support, our children will be empowered to create the conditions for their own thriving.

Our programs bring together mindfulness skills and conscious leadership tools to create optimal learning environments at home and at school. We partner with families  and school communities to plant the seeds for actionable and sustainable wellness and success. To support parents and kids at home, we offer one on one and family coaching. For school communities we offer professional development training, classroom instruction, and teacher training. BIH will come to your school community to speak to parents, educators and students about mindfulness and conscious leadership.

We invite parents, educators, and students to come together through ongoing conversations on- and offline.  We develop school-wide programs that involve parents, teachers, administration, and students, and  host an annual educational wellness conference in Chicago, IL.

Our Mission

To gather, inspire, and equip parents and educators to increase wellbeing in our homes and schools through the introduction of mindfulness skills and conscious leadership tools.
About the Founder

Annmarie Chereso

Here is one thing I know for sure. Practice does not make us perfect.

Annmarie Chereso supports parents and educators to increase well-being at home and in the classroom, in order to create meaningful academic and life success.

She offers one on one coaching, family coaching, teaches mindfulness and conscious leadership in schools, hosts events, leads online courses, and speaks to groups about the importance of mindfulness, consciousness, and presence at home and in school communities.

First and foremost a parent, Annmarie has spent the past 18 years perfecting the art of parenting imperfectly in balance with the rest of her life. 

Annmarie believes that the most valuable tool we have is presence. She guides parents, educators, and children to cultivate presence and unconditional love in all areas of their lives.She lives in Chicago with her partner and their blended family of five children.

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