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The only real expert when it comes to parenting your child is YOU.

If you don’t feel quite like an expert yet, this course is for you.

You will learn to...

Parent more from love and less from fear
Be present in all your parenting moments
Use simple tools to drastically reduce drama in your family
Harness the power of feelings to fuel deeper connections
Reduce stress to promote success at school and in life for your kids
Create a home environment that sets the stage for success
Integrate straight-forward and practical mindfulness techniques into your busy life
Be the parent you truly want to be

Are you ready?

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The Lessons We Will Cover

Lesson 1


Presence is like a compass always pointing you in the right direction and it’s the most valuable tool any of us has at any given moment.  Ironically this is often the most challenging task we can be asked to do.  When we are talking about Consciousness we are talking about presence. What does it really mean to be present?  Why is presence important as a parent?  How can we cultivate presence in all of the moments of our lives?

In this module we:

  • Learn the difference between thinking you are present and BEING present
  • Using somatic intelligence to cultivate presence
  • ‍How a mindfulness practice can help support more presence in your life
  • ‍Discover how to access all three centers of intelligence
  • Learn the 4 X 4 breath as a tool to practicing presence
Lesson 2

Above the line or Below the line

We cannot change what we are unaware of.  By using the model of a simple black line we begin to identify HOW we are being with whatever is occurring - the “as is moment.” From presence learn how to accurately locate yourself above the line or below the line in any given moment.   When we can get present to how we are showing up we can consciously choose.  This is where our real power is.

In this module we:

  • Learn the difference between parenting from unconditional love versus fear
  • Explore the statements, behaviors and beliefs that live above and below the line
  • Learn what it feels like to be above the line and open or below the line and closed
  • Examine ways to authentically identify your triggers
  • Discover how locating yourself can be a useful tool to creating a shift
Lesson 3

The Drama Triangle

When you are triggered, where do you go?  Fear creates drama and disconnection.  When we fall below the line, we drop into drama in an effort to gain control.  In this module we explore what roles we play when we get triggered and go unconscious and how we create our children as victims, villains or heroes.  The game here is in the noticing and owning and exploring how to wake up and consciously shift from fear to love.

In this module we:

  • Learn to identify your patterns and choose to shift them
  • Discover the signature styles of victim,villain and hero on the drama triangle
  • Examine ways to authentically identify your role in drama in any given moment
  • Discover how creating a lasting shifts in your relationships
Lesson 4

Taking Radical Responsibility

Are you committed?  In this module we explore what it means to truly take 100% responsibility for the circumstances of your life and commit to support your children to do the same.  Often we can fall into victim and blame when things don’t go as planned.  When we learn how to take radical responsibility we no longer fall into the victim, villain, hero traps that keep us below the line and in fear.  Rather, we open to new possibilities from a place of presence and not from ego.  

In this module we:

  • Explore the difference between taking 100% responsibility from above the line or below the line
  • Learn how to move from blame and criticism to wonder
  • Discover how to taking responsibility leads to self empowerment
  • Learn to letting go of the belief that the world is supposed to show up in a certain way
  • Discover why every situation is here FOR you and your learning
Lesson 5

Learning through curiosity

Our children are our greatest teachers. A key parenting and leadership skill is the ability to notice when your desire to learn is greater than your desire to be right. Our default role is to fall below the line and defend our position. When we do that we are shutting down and unable to see anything other than our point of view. Great parents and leaders are agile, open minded and deeply curious about all solutions. In this module we learn to shift out of righteousness and into curiosity as a means to stay connected to our children and our deepest learning.

In this module we:

  • Explore why opening to curiosity accelerates a shift in consciousness
  • Learn how curiosity feels in the body
  • Discover our signature “drift” moves from presence
  • Learn to curiosity creates connection
  • Examine how every interaction with our children is our opportunity to learn
Lesson 6

Feeling your feelings

Conscious Parents lead from all three centers of intelligence.  When we are truly present we can locate our sensations in our bodies, identify them as feelings or emotions and choose to allow them (or not).  In this module we examine the cost of stuffing our feelings rather than feeling them and how doing so contributes to recurring drama in our lives. Emotions are energies in motion and when we allow the natural ebb and flow of emotions to run through us we are allowing for presence to emerge.  When we resist, we create blocks that cause “disease” in the body.

In this module we:

  • Explore why emotional intelligence is more important than IQ
  • Learn how to use your body's intelligence to help identify and describe sensations in and locate emotions in your body
  • Discover five core emotions from which we all operate
  • Learn the six steps for moving big emotions like anger, fear and sadness in yourself and your children
  • Examine effective strategies for BEING with all your emotions in the moment

What others say

The Bring it Home Foundations Course has been life changing for me. Through a series of concise modules based on the 15 commitments of conscious leadership, and a supportive Facebook group, Annmarie has created a profound learning experience. Annmarie shares generously from her own life, and her vulnerability, authenticity and laser-sharp coaching create an ideal learning environment. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to deepen your understanding of yourself and enhance your relationship with your kids and just about everyone else in your life.
~ Meagan Smith Hrle
The other day my 16 year old said "I'm so happy right now." I asked her if it was for any specific reason, and she said "I just really like our family right now. It feels good." I KNOW that the work you are sharing has contributed to this, because I also feel the same as my daughter- I've not been so reactive with the kids and I've gotten SO much better at being responsible for my experience, and not blaming my family members! Thank you!!   
~ Ohio Parent
I HIGHLY recommend the Foundations Course for all parents. This course will help you break down highly-charged emotions into manageable pieces, making it less likely that you'll take it out on others, and more likely that you'll see what's really going on. A must-do for any parent who is looking to have a deep, meaningful relationship with their children.
~ Michelle Duncan-Wilson, founder of Soul Work For Moms
My daughter asked about this course. I explained 100% responsibility by giving an example I'd worked through with my learning partner this week and explaining how I realized I'd co-created a specific tense situation between my daughter and me. Without any prompting, my daughter then explained the (surprising to me) emotions behind what had made her so reluctant to try something new at that point. A real Aha! moment.
~ Chicago Parent and Educator
About the Founder

Annmarie Chereso

Here is one thing I know for sure. Practice does not make us perfect.

Hi, I’m Annmarie Chereso, founder of Bringit! Home, mother of 3 amazing kids, and stepmother to more.

I designed this course to empower you to wake up to your own brilliance and tap into the wisdom of your inner parenting expert.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of illuminating, developing, and activating the brilliance and expertise that already lives within you.

From this awake place, what is true becomes abundantly clear. What I know to be true, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that you are the perfect parent for your child, and your child is the perfect partner for your awakening.

I frequently work with parents who say they conceptually understand conscious parenting, but they don’t know what to DO when their teenager fails, their toddler throws a tantrum, their spouse blows up at the kids, or their tween is embroiled in girl drama. I know how tempting it is to get drawn into the drama, which gets in the way of creating lasting transformation we want in our families.

We’ll address the hows and whys of getting drawn into the drama, and more importantly, you’ll learn how to turn drama on its head to meet daily parenting challenges from a more relaxed and conscious place.

There is nothing woo-woo about this course. You’ll receive practical tools and processes, and access to an exclusive community, to create real change through concrete choices and actions.

The Foundations Parenting Course is designed to bring you back home, to the very place your inner parenting expert resides.

Along with this step-by-step self-guided program, you’ll have exclusive access to:

  • A monthly live group coaching call with me and other course participants
  • A private online Facebook community

I have been these questions since I began this parenting journey 19 years ago. Every day I learn something new about myself. With access to these simple, yet powerful tools, and a supportive community, I know you will too.

This six module course is the parenting handbook I wish I had when my kids were born.

If you’re looking for a roadmap that takes you into account, this is it. I’m not going to ask you to change who you are. My job is to guide you towards the wisdom that already resides within you, and to empower you to act from this place.

If you’re ready to step into your authentic power and create lasting transformation in your family, this course is for you.

I’ll be with you every step of the way though the lessons, and you’ll have access to me on the FB group to ask questions. And of equal value, you’ll become part of a community of like-minded parents.

They say it takes a village. I say let’s start now.

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