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Our Mission

To gather, inspire, and equip parents, educators, and students to increase well-being in our school communities and homes through the introduction of mindfulness skills and conscious leadership tools.

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The next generation of leaders are following our lead. What tomorrow looks like isn't entirely up to us, but how we choose to lead is.

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Conscious Parenting Course

The inaugural BringIt! Home Conscious Parenting Course meets on Tuesdays for eight weeks from 12-1pm CST beginning January 19, 2016.

By applying mindfulness practices and the 15 commitments of conscious leadership to parenting we will create an experience to empower you to be the parent you want to be.

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Week 1
BringIt! Home: Getting Presence
We'll explore what presence is, practices to cultivate it, and set the stage for the weeks to come.
Week 2
Above and Below the Line
The core underlying concept of the 15 commitments of conscious leadership. Essential for our journey.
Week 3
The Drama Triangle
Learning about and understanding how the drama triangle operates in our lives is a game changer. 
Week 4
Taking 100% Responsibility
The first of the 15 commitments of conscious leadership puts an end to blame, shame and criticism.

What Others Are Saying

I predict Annmarie will be one of our guiding national voices in the arena of conscious parenting and education for years to come.
Diana Chapman
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group
Annmarie knows what she is talking about because she practices and lives consciously as a parent and as an educator every day.
Jim Dethmer
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group
My favorite thing about Annmarie Chereso is her brilliance at bringing focus back to the here and now - through attention to the breath and body.
Michelle Thompson
Live in Radiance Life Coaching

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