Are We Truly Connected? Me And My Phone.

May 6, 2018

I'm addicted to my technology. I keep my phone by my bedside table each night.  

This morning, I committed to trying something new.

I decided I would put my phone aside while I did certain tasks, yoga, eat breakfast, watch the news, do the dishes and even type this note.  It is an experiment. Yes, to some of you this may seem like an obviously simple solution but I suspect more of us have difficulty truly turning off the technology and truly tuning into what we are actually doing.

Seriously, when was the last time you actually shut your phone completely off? Or left it at home when you went out?  Or didn’t check it when you were out to dinner and used the bathroom? Do you notice how quickly you attend to your technology when you feel that familiar buzz or hear the ping?  

What are we all looking for?

Often I feel at the effect of my incoming dings, pings, and rings coming from this handy little device.  The moment it dings I feel compelled to react, answer, reply.

The other day, I was able to step away from my phone for a full 75 minutes while in a yoga class without a worry of what dings or rings were occurring.  What I did notice was the moment I got back to the phone I was scrolling and seeking for what needed to be done, immediately. Like every text is an invitation to react immediately.  And when there are multiple texts, I notice the overwhelm kick in…which do I answer first? What is most important? There’s too much to do!

And if nothing appears?  I notice the part of me that feels let down, as if I have been abandoned by my friends and family.  What? no one is thinking of me, my small self worries.

So I decided to give it a try this morning…just for a little bit.  I left my phone upstairs while I went downstairs. That almost never happens.

Here is what I noticed.  My eggs truly tasted different.  I felt a bit calmer and more present to the news.  I was taking it in and truly listening. I feel more organized.  However, most importantly, what I notice is a sense of ease in my body.  I felt calmer, more empowered actually. More connected.

Funny, we use our technology to feel connected, and it often creates the opposite result.

I can see it is time to let go and create a new way of being in relationship to my technology.  And letting go is not easy. With practice we can learn new ways of being. And it takes time to create new habits.  

The key to new habits?  Practice be aware. Building the awareness muscle takes practice, practice, practice.  Malcolm Gladwell say that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field.  While that may be true, research suggests we only need 21 days to shift a habit.

Why not start today?

Just 10 minutes a day. Together. Join me. I’d love to have you!

Annmarie Chereso
Founder, BringIt! Home

Here is one thing I know for sure. Practice does not make us perfect.But it certainly helps to smooth out the rough edges. The most important lesson I have learned in my crazy mixed up life is that practice is all there is and I am devoted to it. And I’d like to share it with you.

Let’s face it, life can feel out of control and crazy much of the time. My life is no exception. As a single working mother of three children, I have come to realize that my personal peace and emotional well being are the key for being a good parent, a good friend, a good partner and coach and for leading my happiest, most fulfilling and emotionally satisfying life.  My 22-year practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness has taught me how to be present, conscious and aware of how to cultivate this personal well being.

I have been fortunate to study with many of the great wellness leaders of our time. In addition to being a certified Martha Beck life coach, I received my training and certification to teach mindfulness through Mindful Schools and the Mindful Education Institute.  I have had the honor and privilege to study under inspiring leaders in the field of Contemplative Practices such as Jack Kornfield, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Linda Lantieri, Daniel Rechstaffen and many other pioneers in the field of mindfulness and education.  

I have been trained by prestigious mindfulness industry leaders including John Kabat Zinn, Professor of Medicine Emeritus and founding director of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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