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Carmella Whitehead
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Working with Annmarie was a liberating experience. Not only did I learn how to use my body as a guiding tool to go within, but I also became more familiar with a part of me that I was never taught to recognize - my physical language. Thank you, Annmarie, for your wisdom, guidance, kindness, and stillness. Through your questions, I was able to find the answers within for what I needed.

Diana Chapman
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group

Annmarie has a great gift of knowing what children most need to become conscious, thriving adults. She has thoughtfully created systems to support both parents and educators to be present themselves and support the presence in the children they lead. As a student of consciousness for many years, she practices what she preaches with her own family and has learned how to navigate the tricky world of blended families. I predict she will be one of our guiding national voices in the arena of conscious parenting and education for years to come.

Janice Gork

It may sound like a Visa commercial, but if some asked me to put a value on the benefits I have received from my work with Annmarie, I would have to say, “priceless.” I have been involved with the Conscious Parenting Group since its inception, and when I reflect back on the woman I was when I first walked in, I can clearly identify several areas of my life that have transformed. By doing my work, I am a better role model for my children—being the person I want to be, rather telling them how to be. I am also a more patient and understanding wife. One of the most useful tools I have gained is understanding that emotion = energy in motion. Allowing myself the opportunity to let a feeling enter my body and pass through gives me much more power than attempting to avoid the feeling, and pretend everything is okay. It has also helped me let my kids be with their own emotions and feelings—rather than immediately stepping in to “fix” it or make it “go away.” I see how robbing them of their emotions does not help them grow. As difficult as it can be sometimes, remembering that everyone is on their own journey is powerful. Our lives are in constant motion, and from month to month it is amazing to have a safe and comfortable place to check in, focus on myself, and learn from other strong and powerful women. I can definitely say that being a part of this group has changed my life.

Jim Dethmer
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group

Annmarie Chereso knows what she is talking about. I don’t just mean that she is an expert in the subject of conscious parenting and how to educate our kids consciously. She is that. What I mean is that she KNOWS what she is talking about because she practices and lives consciously as a parent and as an educator. I’m regularly inspired by both her insight and her courage as she continues to wake up to a new way being with kids and then passionately passes that on to others.

Laura Berman
Television Personality & Love and Relationship Expert

I consider Annmarie not only a friend but a guide on my own parenting journey. She always lends a perspective or offers advice that calls on me to get conscious, release my own fears, and parent in a way that empowers my children to succeed and make smart decisions.

Lisa Hagenbuch
Event Attendee

Thanks Annemarie for co-hosting the most amazing day today - Conscious Parenting Summit!!! The enlightening wisdom shared was definitely nourishment for the soul. Looking forward to more wonderful events in the future :)

Lynn Korst
Event Attendee

I really want to congratulate you for putting together such a successful event! I enjoyed every part of it and already look forward to the next one!

Michelle Thompson
Live in Radiance Life Coaching

My favorite thing about Annmarie Chereso as a coach is her brilliance at bringing focus back to the here and now- the "what is"- through attention to the breath and body. No matter how far into my stories I get, she deftly helps me bring myself back into presence. From that place she skillfully, unwaveringly guides me into awareness of the story beneath the surface calling me forward to take responsibility for the frame of mind from which I am viewing whatever issue is occurring in the moment.

Sandra Fazio
Coach, Author, Speaker and Founder,

Annmarie is very insightful and instrumental in helping to walk one through the process of consciousness. Her ability to help create awareness around one’s sharing so that they get present with their bodies and mind collectively is a wonderful tool and practice to inspiring the answers that are already within. Annmarie listens deeply with full compassion and understanding creating a safe connection for self-growth and introspection.

Laura Lopez
Parent of 4 year old, University of Chicago Laboratory School

I wanted to just share with you a little something. C is home sick today with stomach flu and feeling pretty miserable. About an hour ago he turned to me and said “Mama, does breathing help? I think breathing helps me a lot.” Then he continued to take some long, deep breaths and said he felt better after. Thank you for continuing to bring C mindfulness!”

Tria Smith

It was a privilege to be part of the group of parents in the Conscious Parenting Group led by Annmarie (and Michelle.) They created a powerful and safe space that led to an intimate community committed to supporting each other. I saw women open up and share their most intimate struggles and move in a concrete way toward change. Annmarie invites you to create a vision for what you want as a parent and in your family. Annmarie has a gift of taking radical responsibility for her actions and decisions and she helps each participant do the same. We worked on our feet, taking the risk of enacting and practicing the change we want to see. To take the time to be present with the group and yourself in the effort to be present and alive as parents is a gift to yourself and your family.

Adam Harris
Communications Director, Arlington Heights School District 25

Annmarie is a dedicated and caring life coach. She has not only coached me through tough times, but she has helped me to better understand myself as a person. I am confident in coaching myself through any situation that may come up and that has come from working with Annmarie. Every day is internal work, but with the correct tools and mentality established through sessions with Annmarie, I now love my self work.

Meg Greve
Teacher, Math and Science Academy

We have truly enjoyed having you in our classroom and learning what it means to be mindful. I often catch myself using it during those frequent stressful times as well! I love being able to grow and learn new things. I know our students are better for it. I see it in the way they focus on their work, their responses in problem-solving (“I will just breathe mindfully…”), and in the way they view the world. A very worthy and worthwhile program!

Eric Peterson
2nd grader, University of Chicago Laboratory School

It helps me when I am angry, frustrated, nervous, ‘skared’, and worried. You taught me how to calm down and clear my mind.

Jessie Barnes
2nd grader, University of Chicago Laboratory School

Dear Ms. Annmarie: Mindfulness was the best thing I learned for both years! I use mindfulness every day, and every night. I use mindfulness when I can’t fall asleep. I use mindfulness when I get angry to clam myself down. My favorite activity was mindful camera. I’m very sad that we have to go now. I hope we an see each other on summer vacation!

Michael Romero
2nd grader, University of Chicago Laboratory School

When I get angry I sometimes use mindfulness to calm myself down.

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