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The Conscious Parenting Series

The Foundation Course

The BringIt! Home Conscious Parenting Course meets on Tuesdays for eight weeks from 12-1pm CST beginning April 5, 2016.

By applying mindfulness practices and the 15 commitments of conscious leadership to parenting we will create an experience to empower you to be the parent you want to be.

We'll meet online weekly—calls will be recorded in case you can't be there live—to explore the week's topic together. There will be presentations, videos, interactive live Q&A, practices to work on between our time together, and an ongoing online group chat venue. 

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Week 1
BringIt! Home: Presence
We'll explore what presence is, practices to cultivate it, and set the stage for the weeks to come.
Week 2
Above and Below the Line
The core underlying concept of the 15 commitments of conscious leadership. Essential for our journey.
Week 3
The Drama Triangle
Learning about and understanding how the drama triangle operates in our lives is a game changer.
Week 4
Taking 100% Responsibility
The first of the 15 commitments of conscious leadership puts an end to blame, shame and criticism.
Week 5
A key parenting skill, we’ll grow our capacity to be more interested in being curious than being right.
Week 6
Feeling Your Feelings 
Emotions are energy. Learning to move them all the way through is a masterful parenting skill.
Week 7
We explore what it takes to communicate with candor to inspire others to do the same.
Week 8
Would you say what you’re saying about someone if they were in the room? If not, it’s gossip.

Coming Next...

The Expert Course

The Foundation Course is a complete course on its own. It is also a prerequisite that lays the groundwork for the second course series, which will follow the same 8-week format. 

We'll continue to apply mindfulness practices and the 15 commitments of conscious leadership to parenting, building on the foundation course it to support integration and expand your capacity to parent consciously. 

The Mastery Course

A 4-week course for those who have completed the Foundation and Expert Course. If conscious parenting mastery is what you seek, this course is for you. We'll equip you with the tools, guidance, and support to take your relationships with your children—and everyone else in your life—into the realm of the exquisite.  

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