Mindfulness in Education

Why Mindfulness?

Nothing is more powerful than the gift of presence. From presence we pay close attention, tune in to our deepest knowing, cultivate emotional intelligence and respond intentionally.  It is from this place of clarity that we are most available for learning.  Building mindfulness in the classroom helps support teachers and students on their path to presence.

BringIt! Home recognizes the significance of a healthy, happy, clear minded, present child as the foundation for optimal learning and personal success.  Studies show that when children are happy and present in the classroom, they are better prepared to experience academic success.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in each moment without judgement. It is a teachable life skill that can be integrated into the classroom culture to support students to learn, focus, and  foster compassion and collaboration. Mindfulness supports teachers and students to co-create optimal learning environments.

We use mindfulness as the foundation for teaching children self-awareness, stress management, conflict resolution, resilience, kindness and compassion.  We teach mindfulness skills to empower children to learn these  valuable life skills, so that they are better prepared to bring them into their daily lives  and relationships.

Experts in neuroscience and education alike are seeing the connections between calming the mind and cultivating awareness through simple daily mindfulness practices.

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How is Mindfulness Cultivated?

We explore how the heart and the head are interconnected. Both play an important role in being a happy and a successful student. We explore with students how the brain works, and how paying attention to our breathing can help shape our brain and responses to emotional stimuli.

By learning to stay connected to their bodies and minds, and to recognize early signs of stress, anger or anxiety, children learn how to use simple breathing techniques to calm down their nervous systems, relax the stress response in the brain, and to respond from  calm and with awareness.

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What Others Are Saying

I predict Annmarie will be one of our guiding national voices in the arena of conscious parenting and education for years to come.
Diana Chapman
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group
Annmarie knows what she is talking about because she practices and lives consciously as a parent and as an educator every day.
Jim Dethmer
Co-Founder, The Conscious Leadership Group
Annmarie is very insightful and instrumental in helping to walk one through the process of consciousness.
Sandra Fazio
Coach, Author, Speaker and Founder, TheConsciousParentBlog.com

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