Mother Daughter Retreat

Harbert, MI
June 10, 2018

Is your daughter entering high school this fall? If so, NOW is the time to inspire your daughter to higher ideals and encourage strong leadership skills, cultivate self empowerment, ignite courage, and to guide her to lead with strength, love and kindness. Join us at a luxurious home in Harbert, Michigan for a unique and deeply nourishing mother daughter retreat. In this 2 1/2 day retreat we will instill in both of you the tools you will need to navigate this transition and prepare you both for success.

  • You'll slow down, get present and nurture your mother daughter bond.
  • You and your daughter will intentionally cast a vision for the next four years that will serve as a guide and anchor during the ups and downs of life.
  • And best of all, you'll make memories that you both will look back upon and smile. Memories, that will truly last a lifetime.

This is your opportunity to give your daughter the rare gift of distraction-free time. Remind her that she is a priority and that you value your relationship with her. Be a part of a community of like minded mothers and daughters seeking to intentionally foster their relationships with one another and while setting up your daughter for a successful high school experience. We will spend time in pairs and separately for practices, exercises, ceremonies and rituals to:

  • Strengthen your bond with one another
  • Learn how identify and drop the drama that causes stress and disconnection
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence as mother and daughter
  • Practice techniques for deep and effective communication
  • Learn how to listen without agenda and foster greater mutual trust
  • Honor the wisdom of your intuition
  • Grow in intimacy with one another

Walk away feeling filled up with love, compassion, connection and the tools you both need to move courageously and confidently into this next chapter of life. There is no time like the present. Let’s your presence be the greatest gift you share with your daughter as she begins her journey to young adulthood.

Space is limited (only 8 pair slots available). Register now before your daughter’s life is too full to spend more of it with you.


Sunday, June 10 (arrive by 4p) thru Tuesday, June 12, 2018 (end by 7p)

Harbert, Michigan at a luxurious summer home (address provided after registration)

$1500* per mother daughter pair

*meal, lodging and special keepsake gift included

Facilitated by Annmarie Chereso, BringIt! Home Founder & Mom and supported by Donna Pacio, Ceremony Facilitator & Mom

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